It's Simple

Solution Partners helps companies find extra technical horsepower. We give you the ability to quickly acquire the skill, manpower and technical leadership you need to achieve your goals.

Screening Candidate Consultants

All of our consultants are rigorously screened for their technical skills as well as their interpersonal and communication skills, by qualified technicians, before being submitted to a client. Our clients know the person they are considering is a highly-qualified professional and a quality individual who can apply knowledge to help solve your problems, communicate effectively, and work in a team environment with your employees and management.

Matching Needs with Skills

You hire consultants to bring knowledge and solutions to your company, not to learn on your time. We are careful to match your needs with expert talent. High quality consultants are hard to find, but Solution Partners differentiates itself in the recruiting area with a team of top recruiters with over 200 years combined experience, and a large data base of established professionals in many disciplines and a full range of functional roles. It is fair to say that Solution Partners has a recruiting machine matched by few others.

Core Competencies
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